SmartNoggin Toys NogginStick Baby Development Rattle   SmartNoggin Toys NogginRings Baby Grasping Rings  


NogginStik Features:

  • Lights up Green, red and blue to encourage visual tracking skills.
  • Soft rattle sound to please the ears and encourage turning to sound.
  • Easy to hold handle for mastering grasping.
  • Fun textures to delight the sense of touch.


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NogginRings Features:

  • Flexible rings to encourage batting, reaching & grasping skills.
  • Soft rattle sound to promote hearing.
  • High contrast colors to encourage visual tracking and attention.
  • Promotes parent/child interaction and social play.


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Milestones are Important

What should my baby be doing?  This is a question all parents ask.  Although babies develop in their own individual and unique ways and at their own rates, there are certain developmental milestones to look for.  Developmental milestones are skills most children achieve by a certain age.  Your baby’s developmental milestones for ages birth to 12 months are listed in the parent guide included with each SmartNoggin® Milestone Maker™ toy. SmartNoggin’s mission is to help all children achieve their developmental Milestones, beginning at birth.  


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