Developmental Rattle

Your baby's learning journey begins at birth. Simple interactions early on can help your child succeed later in life. The best part? It takes only a simple toy and a handy guide to help you start laying that foundation from day one. NogginStik® isn't just a cute toy. It's an educational tool that will guide you through activities and interactions that will promote healthy brain development and bonding, and bring enjoyment to both you and your child. (View developmental features)

Baby's Learning Journey

Begins at Birth

As parents, one of our greatest and most important jobs is being our child's first teacher. Research shows that positive interactions with your baby are crucial in helping her learn. Your NogginStik® was designed to encourage this early interaction through play. By playing with your baby, beginning at birth, you are laying the foundation for all future learning.

Let the Play Begin!

A baby's play is his work and it is through play that learning takes place. Your  NogginStik's® features promote play in many ways. Its head lights up red, blue and green to help stimulate your baby's eyes and encourage visual tracking. The base of the  NogginStik® makes a soft rattle sound to please the ears and help develop listening skills. 


First Milestones

Your  NogginStik® has an easy to hold handle for mastering grasping and fun textures to delight the sense of touch. Your baby's NogginStik® will help you begin to encourage her very first milestones from the day she is born! 


Dr Toy 10 best 2014 Baby Maternity Magazine Toy of the YearGold Winner of the 2012 National Parenting PublicationsParents'Choice approved  The National Parenting Center 2013 Seal of Approval   AblePlay rating PAL Award