NogginStik™ Developmental Features

Baby’s First Learning Toy - NogginStik was created by an early intervention therapist to help parents encourage early milestones in infants. NogginStik isn’t just a cute toy. It’s an educational tool that will guide parents and caregivers through activities and interactions that will promote healthy brain development and bonding, and bring enjoyment to both parent and child. We believe that parents can be amazing fi¬rst teachers and SmartNoggin is here to help. NogginStik features:  Encourage parent/infant interaction; Capture a child’s focus and increase attention; Assist with the development of visual tracking-a critical pre-literacy skill; Provide tactile interest to touch and visual interest to see; Help children auditorily locate sound; Enhance grasping and holding skill. Get a Good Look. What’s That Sound? Watching Moving Object.

NogginStik should be in the hands of every parent, caregiver, healthcare provider and therapist who works with children from birth to three years of age. When used by parents, it helps develop eye tracking, face recognition and focus in an infant. When used by health care providers and therapists, it becomes a guide to assessing a child and a tool for brain stimulation. NogginStik enhances visual tracking, a key milestone needed for children to learn to reach, crawl, walk and eventually read.